Trying to tackle your business’s finances can be tough. That’s why many companies have found that it’s best to work with business accounting firms. But how do you find the right CPA in Rock Hill, SC to give you the accurate services you need? Martinson & Carter CPAs suggests looking for the following things when you’re choosing a business accounting firm.

Size & Services

Do you run a small business or a large corporation? The type of company you have will drive the level of business accounting services you need. If you’re a sole proprietor or just have a couple of employees, look for a firm that specializes in small business bookkeeping. Bigger companies may need CPAs who can handle business tax preparation and a host of other services. Follow the “Goldilocks rule” to find the right size business accounting firm that will provide the right services with the right level of attention.


How much experienced does your business accountant have? It really can make all the difference when it comes to efficiency and accuracy. Experience also builds trust between a CPA and his or her clients. After all, one mishap with a company’s finances by an inexperienced accountant could have serious repercussions. 

Credentials & Training

As you search for business accountants, you should always consider their credentials. If someone is a CPA, it’s proof that they’ve completed a certain level of training and education. You’ll also want to know about their training in the specific service areas you’ll be hiring them for, as well as what types of continuing education they’ve completed.

When you need to hire a reliable business accounting firm in Rock Hill, SC to help you with your company’s finances, call Martinson & Carter CPAs. Our firm provides businesses like yours with the accurate bookkeeping and tax preparation services you need. You’ll also appreciate the personal attention we give to every client. Contact us today to see how we can help your company.